Do you believe that Black History Month is beneficial or that it alienates and divides people?


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I don't think it has much affect in the long run. The fact is that black history was almost completely ignored for much of American history, so the month was created to put focus on something that never had focus. But nowadays I don't know if it's necessary.

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It absolutely divides people and needs to go. Black people (such as Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela) have made a huge impact on history and should be celebrated and remembered as part of history - not separated into their own month. Quite frankly it's insulting.

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More division and creates racism im all for teaching every student all the black history but black history month and here in texas their is a hispanic heritage month. Just more racism

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What if we designated a white history month?  There would be screams of discrimination all over this country.

It disturbs me that having Black History Month is pointing out that we should revere someone because they're black.  Surely if someone has achieved something outstanding the color of their skin should not matter one bit.

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I don't see any benefits to Black History Month, as it only focuses on one race and not a multitude of other races that are also in this country.

All black history month does is divide people. People wanted that month because supposedly we only learn about white people, but that's only when you learn the history of the U.S.  (and even then, there are plenty of non white people in it). We learn about the Aztecs, the Mayans, and other groups of people.

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