Is your native place the place that you are from?


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I am native to the USA, which is where I still live but I'm not native to the state that I live in.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I reckon for me it is ! Born and raised in No. California. Born in Sacramento and live about 25 miles from it now.

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K. B.  Baldwin
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Me also - Takes 45 minutes to cover the distance from where i live to where I was born, but that's just because Highway 49 is so crooked.
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Nothing wrong with Tyto Alba's answer, but---

I've heard of "native land," but not "native place."  (See the poem:

So when I searched for it, I may have found out why:

"its use ("native place") seems limited to Indian English"

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I am a native New Yorker as I was born in the state of New York. I was raised in Florida. When someone asks me where I am from I say I am from Florida.

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I was born and raised in S Calif, but when someone asks, I tell them in PA north of Pittsburgh, but then they point out that I don't sound like I'm from there, I let them know I was raised in Calif.

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