Is it true that if you were born in America you're from there even though your parents are from Africa?


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A person's nationality is determined by the their citizenship. A child born to out of country parents on U.S. Soil is a U.S. Citizen and a U.S. National.

Ethnicity is a completely different matter.

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If your parents are from another country and do not have US citizenship, but you are born here in the USA and have a US birth certificate then you can be considered a US citizen. I know of many that have that status. On in particular was a friend of mine that was born of German parents,  that had immigrated to the US just after WW, and he was born here. They then, prior to WW2, migrated back to Germany, he was drafted into the Nazi army, then after WW2 he came back to the US and was drafted into the US army, because he was a US citizen of draft age.

I also have a friend that was born here when her parents were on vacation from Japan, when she was of age she chose to live in the US and is considered a US citizen and then sponsored her parents to move to the US a little later.

Also there is a large argument about what are called "anchor" babies, people will come into the US illegally then have a bay born here, which makes it a US citizen and then the parents can use the baby to gain legal status in the US.

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It seems that you are still asking questions based on your concept of "native place"---a concept that we who have spent all or most of our lives in the Western world are not familiar with.

You are confusing "nationality"---which is a legal concept---with the concept of "racial origin"---which has to do with biological ancestry and culture as well.

Until you make yourself sufficiently familiar with the differences between the two you will not to be able to answer your own questions.

I realize you are trying to understand by asking multiple questions about different scenarios.

But again, we are not really don't understand your categories, so we're really not able to give you answers that are going to help you understand what you are trying to comprehend.

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You're actually an American. If you're black. You can be considered African-American. But you're an American anyway.

And not just what you asked is true, you can come to U.S completely from somewhere else, pass the qualifications and the process, get your temporary lawsuit papers, then get green card and then citizenship. As fast as you get your citizenship, no matter where you've been before, you become a United States citizen with swore and loyalty to United States. However, then you have a choice, whether you keep your past or remove it completely and get a new American identity and background.

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You have to realize that america we are all mutts all are relatives are from other countries. My father is from poland. My mothers mother is from england so this is america welcome to the cesspool

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