For those of you in the east....are you ready for the arctic cold and below freezing temperatures? Are you ready to put winter to bed? I sure am.


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Ancient Hippy answered

It was 9 degrees here this morning, with high winds, and got all the way up to 21 degrees. It's gonna be colder this weekend then we get a heat wave. High 40's and low 50's next week. I am so ready for spring.

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Call me Z answered

You know, it was only 60 degrees here this morning, I had to put a sweatshirt on for a couple of hours.

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Lard Ass
Lard Ass commented
If feel so bad for you! ««my attempt at sarcasm!
Call me Z
Call me Z commented
You ably identified my shot at sarcasm. We chose to live down here because of our rabid dislike for all things winter.
Lard Ass
Lard Ass commented
Yes, i also dislike everything winter....maybe a move to a warmer climate coming soon!
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I will enjoy those temperatures! I'm not quite ready for winter to end, though.

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