Do you think the sinking of the Lusitania by a U-Boat in WW1 was justified by the Germans?


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No, Rooster I don't think it was. The Germans had declared the seas around the UK a war zone (which was not their prerogative to do) and fired upon what they had to know was not a military vessel, drowning 1200 innocents, and stoked the world fury against them. After the sinking, Germany 'promised' not to target passenger liners again, I think an admission of guilt. Nonetheless, it was done. The hideous war that followed essentially emasculated the entire German society for the next two decades, and fertilized the landscape for the rise of Hitler. I give the analogy that the Germans were "piled on" by the allies because of the Lusitania (especially in the Versailles Treaty) in the same way Japan was double nuked because of Pearl Harbor. It was a really bad move, IMO.

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This is what happens when Geneva Convention countries war against barbarians. Conundrum: fight with honor or tit-for-tat? War is hell, brother.
Rooster Cogburn
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Yes it is ! These kids nowadays have no clue. They think it's like a video game.
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No trench foot, mosquitoes, sleepless weeks or bad rations in video games. No pain, no smell, no screaming victims. Just unlimited life regeneration, sodas and pizza rolls. Part of me hopes it stays that way.
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No it wasn't and I agree with my friend Z on this. Bad tactical move made by a group of people who single handedly changed the course of history to their future demise. 

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That's the thing there, they did issue warnings about Unrestricted naval warfare and the Captain of the Lusitania chose to ignore them. The British had the big surface fleet and the Germans mainly had the U-boat.
Call me Z
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I think perhaps, Sincerity, you might mean authority or primacy, and your point is valid. They were asserting their war threats to choke off North Atlantic shipping. Nothing more than piracy in my view.
Cindy  Lou
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I seems the Captain, because of the British fleet and reputation, took it as an idle threat and the Germans made the tactical move to make any threat made into a promise. Such tragedy.

And referring to the comment above on war "nowadays" (not in all areas of the world of course, but referring to the US from Vietnam and before) do you know the soldiers can call home on a cell phone any time? My Vietnam veteran friend and I were watching American Sniper and then I researched it further to get more info..."smart rifles" etc-makes Vietnam war look barbaric comparatively and ALSO makes me wonder what war will be like in another 50 years. We can only imagine but wartime is responsible for many of our most innovative inventions.

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