Why does America need to be great "again"? When wasn't it great? Explain in detail.


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Growing up in the 50s and 60s, I along with most of the rest of the world, looked at a country that had the resources, the manpower, the (American) know-how and the will to be absolutely self-sufficient in every way. Imports from the far east consisted of cheap electronics and plastic toys.

Then you started to import Japanese motorbikes, got involved in an unwinnable war, handed over control of fiscal policy to the banks.

Remember how reluctant the US was to be drawn into conflicts?

Remember when "Made in the USA" signified solid, dependable (if a little dull) engineering?

Remember which countries economy was a financial model for the rest of the world? Upright and honest to a fault.

What went wrong? The 60s happened.

I still love the US and it was my home for some time. It's still a great country.

But the "American Dream" has probably long since gone for the majority of the people.

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American and quality no longer exist
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Tesla's been doing pretty well actually. Manufacturing is done in America. It's because they spend more money on their engineers making intellectual property and working on R&D as it should be. Which makes precision manufacturing a breeze.
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Tesla and its ilk show the way forward, but it is a fraction of a drop in the mighty ocean that is the US economy. I once asked my work colleagues in Thousand Oaks who had a "traditional" American Car. One guy had a Mercury Cougar. Another chap had a Ford Pickup. Everyone else seemed to have Toyota Camrys or the Nissan equivalent. Some of these cars were made in the US, it's true, but all the money went back to Japan to fund more research that resulted in more cars for the US consumer to buy.

The story is repeated with different products and different supplier countries.

The same happened in the UK.
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We are outsourcing everyjob. All blue collar production jobs like steal mills car production is done elsewhere. After world war two we were self suffient country now we outsource everything it makes me sick

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We're producing more than ever in America https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/OUTMS.

Tesla Cars are manufactured about 30 minutes from where I live. We're just outsourcing jobs that can be done by a 10th grade drop out. Otherwise there's plenty of more productive jobs available. If people don't want to go to school, we're always in need of more welders and truck drivers.
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I agree that we are a great country    That said things have been taking a disturbing slide away from our original "greatness" for  many years now.  Some worry about our country taking a turn toward socialism if Bernie Sanders (or even Hillary Clinton) were to be elected. I'd proffer that if those people would take a look around, they'd realize that we've been heading in that direction for some time.  Time for a course correction. 

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Otis is on point here. America isn't producing anything anymore, we are losing the trade battle, our national debt is out of control, the federal government is indifferent, incompetent and rife with stagnation, under the ever increasing control of corporate influence. The gap between the haves and have-nots grows wider by the day. We have lost (or abandoned) leadership and respect among nations, our prosperity is being strangled by the spiraling cost of healthcare, while freedoms are being chipped away at an alarming rate, and we are raising a culture of shiftless, overentitled slaves to the idiot media.

The aptly named "Greatest Generation" -that of my grandparents- are surely spinning in their graves at what is becoming of their society. That's just a few items off the top of my head, but I hope I made a reasonable point.

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Thank u great one
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And thank you, o Shinemaster.
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We're producing more than ever actually. https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/OUTMS
It's just that the group that makes up "we" is smaller.

Meanwhile intellectual property is what the other majority excel at and what's keeping us competitive in the modern century.
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Gosh, our whole beginnings were steeped in "Un-Greatness".

From Stealing the land and murdering the people native to this country to underhanded dealings that lead to trying to control oil fields . . .

The only real greatness are the small town cute stories covered in the "Fluff Pieces" on the nightly news. While I am patriotic one has to realize that we over threw the Governing body to start this nation . . . If the same thing happened today it would be Treason and severely un-patriotic. 

While it IS great to live here, we should never be naïve as to believe the path to this freedom isn't mired in blood and muck we whole heartedly waded through on the way.

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America needs to be great again because we are a nation. If we don't work together to make our nation better and succeed more often, then we will eventually descend to being a nation that can't prosper. We will lack resources and much of our population won't be able to survive.

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