I'm too forgetful and I'm losing hope... So I have been really forgetful for year. But it is really starting to bother me now because i have a new work place but my boss is already thinking of kicking me out?


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Do you take as much care at work as you do framing/typing your questions?

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tania C.
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I dont know. I have been like this for years. And i always get asked where i am, If i live in this world or in space. Or if i take drugs. I never took drugs in my life. Its starting to affect my self esteem, im feeling depressed because i cant hold a job. What would you do?
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I'd go to my doctor, and ask him to put me in touch with a specialist. It might just be down to the right therapy. You could be fixed in weeks.
tania C.
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I really hope so. Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question. Not even my supposed friends seem to care. They have better things to do.
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Things that might help you in anything that you do. Don't assume you'll remember what someone has told you - write it down. Get a spiral notebook, a legal pad, something that will hold all of your notes that you make in regards to what you've been told, how you're supposed to do something, etc.

No one likes to keep repeating instructions over and over again; that's why you write it down. This shows that you're serious about your job duties and you'll have something to refer to if someone is busy. If you have a question, pull out your notebook and see what notes you have on it.

Pay particular attention when someone says, "when you get this in, we always do this". They are giving you a verbal clue that you need to remember.

You were hired to do a particular job, so they are trusting you that when they train you, you'll be able to do it well, to their satisfaction.

If you are having trouble, observe what others are doing when they run across a problem. Do they try and work it out for themselves before asking for help? If there is a senior person in your department, one who has a lot of experience, see what they are doing versus what you are doing.

Ask for help when you really need it. No one is there to hold your hand, but if you need help and you've tried to figure it out yourself, then ask for help and write down how you solved the problem.  Good luck.

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Hi Tania.

First, welcome to Blurtit. Hope you'll have lots of fun here.

Second, it's better not to ask questions anonymously. Lots of us tend to ignore anonymous questions (they're so often posted by trolls). That's just for your information.

OK, now an answer.

I'm a geezer and since I passed my 75th birthday a few years ago I've started forgetting things, especially little things that I normally do without thinking. Did I put sugar in Mrs Didge's coffee? Did I check the mail box? And so on.

My solution was to focus my attention on the ordinary, mundane things we do every day and not just do them routinely. It worked and although I still get the occasional "senior's moment" they no longer dominate my day.

I'm not suggesting that you're developing senile dementia, but the same tactic might help you to beat your own forgetfulness. Pay attention. Focus! Even if you have a boring, mundane job, try to take an interest in what you're doing.

I hope it works. I understand how frustrating it can be.


And now, because I can't resist the opportunity, for all our other geezers or wanna-be geezers, here's a song from Golf Brooks about a problem all old people share.


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