What's more important, Healthcare or guns?


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Healthcare after a misuse of a gun.

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Since my comments were remove.  Walt,  you can stop bullying me on this question.  

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Walt O'Reagun
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Really? Guns are totally unnecessary?

As soon as you can come up with a better way for a single individual to protect themselves from multiple people with hostile intentions ... let us know. Until then, guns ARE necessary.
Jann Nikka
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Walt O'Reagun
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The only reason to keep repeating it, is because you can't provide a reasonable argument to back your assertion.
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Depends on your perspective.

If you are about to be shot at noon, and it's 20 seconds to noon, the gun would be of the most use.

If it is currently  20 seconds after noon, healthcare would be the better choice.

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I am going to guess you mean "Which is a more important Right"?

But that is a false question, because neither is a Right by that wording.

You have a Right to self-defense, and the 2nd Amendment mentions "arms" (as in weapons) because they are often the most effective means of self-defense.  Unlike movies, bad guys don't usually attack you 1-on-1 ... So a weapon capable of being used against multiple attackers (such as a firearm) can help level the playing field.

You have a Right to take care of yourself - but that does not mean you have a Right to healthcare.  The first is your responsibility, the second puts the responsibility on others.  IE: You don't have a Right to force people to take care of you.

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It's been  8 years, and King Obama has yet to take away our guns. It's a non-issue that's been blown way out of proportion to keep the simple minded mass distracted and occupied.

Healthcare on the other hand, is a real issue. It affects everyone. Even if I'm fit and healthy, I wouldn't want to live among or come into contact with people who are sick. I'd like the people around me to be healthy also. I'd like my children to attend school without fear of being exposed to diseases.

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