So a Russian jet did a few sweeps over a U.S carrier. If we had done the same thing to a Russian carrier, do you think they'd have shot our jet down? I mean we didn't shoot their jet down but would they shoot ours down?


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First off, it was a destroyer they flew over. They wouldn't have been allowed to get that close to a carrier ! That's taboo and the Russians know it. Hard to say what the Russians would do if our jets buzzed one of their destroyers but we've been playing air and sea games with them for 50 years. Hard to really say but we wouldn't try to provoke something like that. Let them make the first mistake.

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What people over that side of the pond may not realize is that the RAF is scrambled almost daily as Russian bombers approach UK airspace from the North.

There is the usual tipping of wings to show the Russians that the planes are fully armed, and they stay just shy of intrusion.

This is almost a return to the cold war, and is very sad.

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Christian Leckey
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What do you think would happen if we were to enter another cold war?
Ray Dart
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We would all be poorer as we ramped up defence spending again. The "peace dividend" would disappear.
Rooster Cogburn
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Good article on Yahoo news that stated that the U.S. ship knew that none of the planes were loaded with weapons. Just Putin sabre rattling again and I think most world leaders know it.

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