What charities do you support?


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Jaimie JT answered

United way

Red Cross

My most favourite though is at Xmas  ... It's called operation Christmas child. You get to fill a shoe box with stuff for a child in need for Xmas. It think it's SO AWESOME !!! :) 

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Ray Dart answered

Age UK, Amnesty, RNIB, RSPB.

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Jann Nikka answered

Postal carriers, firemen boot campaign and SPCA all yearly donations .

Flood and fires victims, food drives at Kroger.

I buy a homeless person or family a McDonald's meal.

(Most are on the corners of the nearby of the store).

Its not much but I try to give help when I can.

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Mountain Man answered

Ronald McDonald House

Habitat forHumanity

Red Cross

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Ancient Hippy answered

I shy away from monetary donations to charities, with the exception of the Salvation Army.

I support a few small animal shelters in my area with food, blankets, litter, bedding, etc.

I supply wigs, head wraps, slippers and burn creams to the local cancer hospice.

And a few others.

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Second Harvest Food Bank.

Whenever we have a food drive at work, I bring in a big grocery bag of food. Also, the distribution center is a block away from where I work. On Wednesdays and Fridays, they have a buffet style lunch. %50 of all proceeds go back to the food bank. They always have a chef from one of the fine dinning restaurants around here come in and cook. The food is always delicious and it helps the charity. :) 

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