yes its national paperclip day and the 100th running of the indy 500 so do u play with paperclips or watch the 500?


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I'll try to watch the last few laps of the race, It's the only part of the race worth watching. I use paperclips for a number of things, including holding papers together.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Sometimes I watch the Indy 500 but not always. I usually forget that it's on ! Lol

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How about if I just run to the store to buy some new paper clips?

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Watching the 500 was a tradition with my best friend and her dad until he died. I don't watch it anymore. My uncle went to Indy this weekend and is having a great time.

Paper clips I've used to break into various doors over the years. Couldn't always find the key.

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