The news is now reporting that the wife of the shooter in Orlando not only knew of his plans but helped him by driving him to the club before that night so he could check it out. She says she tried to talk him out of it. Since she did not call the police beforehand, do you think she should be charged with 49 counts of murder?


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florida has the electric chair, fire it up

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I'm torn on that question.

On the one hand, he obviously carried out his plan.

On the other hand, how many of us make "threats" that we have no intention of ever carrying out - but have the means to do so?  And do we really want all those "threats" reported to police, tying up the limited resources they have?

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PJ Stein
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I understand what you are saying, but how many of us who make those threats drive hours to check out the possible targets? Then a week or two later drive back to the target with multiple guns?
Walt O'Reagun
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Relatively few, true ... in that situation.

But I was thinking more of the millions of students or workers, who "blow off steam" with threats against school or work environments. Threats that would be "credible" due to their existing access to the building, access to weapons (or knowledge on how to improvise them), and a legitimate (to them, at least) grievance against people there.

Hardly a week goes by that I, myself, don't voice a willingness to burn down my workplace ... and they know I have the knowledge and means to do so. But also that I'm not likely to. > But if I do someday "go postal" and on a rampage - would they be liable for not reporting me to the authorities?
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Yes, talking a radical out of doing something stupid is very unlikely. If she truly wanted him to stop, she would have alerted someone or done something besides talking. I believe this situation is known as aiding and abetting.

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Let's all make sure that we know the truth, rather than newspaper sensationalism.  If "the wife" really drove her husband knowingly to commit such an atrocity, then she clearly is as guilty as he is. Just wait for the facts.

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So she knew of the plan and didn't call the cops. Strike one. She helped him by driving him to the night club where instead could've drove him to the police station. Strike two. She's trying to lie and say she tried to talk him out of it when she could've not drove him there in the first place. Strike three, she's out. I'm pissed off that 49 innocents were killed and 50 injured by this deranged lunatic. He deserved every bullet given to him by the police and I say he needed more. As to what should happen to the lady? I say either kill her (I wouldn't mind it) or let her rot in prison, a place no one will remember, all by herself. Now I know this may sound harsh but remember, I'm 15 and I hate terrorists and anyone associated with them. They will suffer and if need be, by my hands.

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If that happens to be true, then she should be held accountable. At least accessory to the fact.

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She's Guilty and she knew everything and was in on his plan of mass murder.

She helped😔 murder 50 people and injury 50. 

Devastate 😔a country and a nation and caused Millions to be in mourning😓. 

She's Guilty.

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Pffft! If you are driving your OWN vehicle and one of your passengers has something dr*g related or a gun or something.... YOU get charged as well just for having the person in your vehicle because it is YOUR vehicle even if you do not know anything about what a person has on them! How could she NOT be guilty of something!?!? The wife ALWAYS knows more then they give credit for!

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I strongly agree with Ray. Newspapers and hearsay can hang a person. Truth and facts are what is needed. If you follow the news reports you can see obvious attempts at misinformation and "hate" mongoring.

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