When are you guys that side of the pond going to introduce some gun controls?


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By the time the liberals and the conservatives come to some kind of agreement on gun control, the entire USA will be wiped out by lunatics with automatic weapons.

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Charles Davis
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I've shot an AR15, I found it fun and exhilarating, but am I going to go buy one, no. Guns need regulating and are to a point, but it needs to be consistent and it is not. High capacity mags should not be an option, and need to be banned. Banning a particular gun for the acts of one or a few individuals is not the answer. Regulating who can own them is an answer, and a person that has been on the terror watch list 2 times is not one that should be allowed to own one, for a long time.
Call me Z
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I concur with you, Charles, i dont advocate banning one particular gun, but eliminating the availability of the entire class of assault weapons. The purpose of these weapons is to kill large numbers of people, that's it. I carried these (and others) in combat, where they are very effective, but that's where they belong, not in the hands of the public. Banning is now pretty much out the window, the genie is out of the bottle, so they're probably here to stay, to no our collective detriment. Agreeable, practicable regulation seems too tough a hurdle for our politics to overcome, too many vested interests.
I would dispute the business about kitchen knives though, there just isn't comparable mass destruction potential. That would be akin to banning rocks or baseball bats.
Call me Z
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The one idea that we broached in our little cabal was, what if more (or all) people carried LEGAL firearms daily, would that have any effect in limiting or stopping such public rampages before the body count mounted? Or would that present more liability? I may pose this question later.
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We DO have gun controls.

But since when did ANY "gun control" prevent criminals from having firearms?  I won't even get into all the nations that used "gun control" to disarm citizens, prior to slaughtering them.

In fact, in the USA the states with the most relaxed "gun control" laws have the lowest crime rates.  While the states with the most restrictive "gun control" laws have the highest rates of violent crime.

So objectively, "gun control" is not the answer.

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Ray Dart
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Sorry, that is far too long for me to read (my bad, not yours).

I do remember driving all over the US from state to state and no-one ever checked my car for guns bought elsewhere.

In fact the only time I was ever stopped was on the Arizona/California border when I was asked if I was an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Tall, blonde and with a cutting English accent I didn't seem to be too likely to be trying to get into the US from Mexico.

No-one looked to see if I had bought a gun in Texas/New Mexico/Arizona............
Cookie Roma
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Interesting. To long for you to read but able to write (or type) a very long response.
Ray Dart
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Of course I read it - it was a figure of speech. My response was just 5 sentences.
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Well.....even WITH strict gun control laws, France has had its share of crazy shooters too.....if someone wants to wreak havoc like that, gun control laws aren't going to stop them.

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Ray Dart
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France, of course has open borders to countries that do not have strict gun controls.
AND statistically speaking, you are still (despite the atrocities) MUCH less likely to die from a shooting in France than you are in the US.
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After the horror of 9/11, I still thinking trying to get stricter plane control laws passed.

No time yet to deal with guns---and anyway, didn't they use box cutters?

Tasteless jokes aside, terrorists---alone or in groups---are going to terrorize---it's their nature.  (Said the scorpion as he stung the frog who was giving him a ride across the pond---perhaps the prototype of the suicide bomber?)

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Tom  Jackson
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Thinking that regulating planes and / or box cutters is a good idea is no less clever nor any less witty than thinking that gun control will have a significant effect on changing anything but the manner of administering the personal extinction to the victims targeted by the perpetrator.

If we must hurry to find a solution, let us not waste time considering one that prescribes band aids for cancer patients.

That's not even a temporary or interim solution.
Ray Dart
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Oh dear.
Tom  Jackson
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My sentiments exactly, Ray, when I read your first comment to me.
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This is a touchy subject and I raised it a couple of times on Ask. Each time I came away bleeding.

You can attack an American's God with less risk than you can question the Second Amendment. Fortunately not all are obsessed with guns but far too many trot out the NRA's propaganda as though it were holy writ. So we get the same hackneyed "arguments" in support of guns.

It must be difficult for somebody growing up in a gun culture to conceive that life in the rest of the world functions very well without arming every Tom, Dick and Jenny.

Obama was unable to do anything about it, Clinton won't try, and Trump will probably invest in Winchester or Colt.

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Thanks, Virginia.
Virginia Lou
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Dear Walter, I think I read that you are devotional? I am thinking of the 'third way' of Yeshua ben Joseph...the Christ...

Something that incorporates the opposites and transcends them somehow...well maybe that is what we need and I hope we get there with the tragedies of this gun control issue...for example...
Virginia Lou
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I also don't often end up in church...similar reasons as you... although in Iowa I did really like the Quakers!
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I think in the US we have well passed the tipping point. There is no way to collect all the guns from law abiding citizens and think this will solve the problem. There are too many people who own guns that do not do so legally that would remained armed. While in Orlando 49 innocent people lost their lives in a few hours in a state that many consider lax on gun control, there were nearly as many, 47 to be exact, that lost their lives over the weekend in Chicago in a city and state that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. The thugs have guns and the innocent are left without protection.

I haven't owned a gun in years. My husband suffered from depression and knew it was not something I/we should own. About half my family owns guns. They also live in the woods where wild animals are a factor. Bears, gators, and boar can all take a life. While none of my family have shot an animal, some have fired warning shots to scare them away.

Up until the 70s there were guns in schools. My brother-in-law was on his high school's competition rifle team. You didn't hear of school shooting then.

I don't think guns are as much of the problem as we as a society are losing social skills. So many people are plugged into the electronic devices that they are losing their ability to deal with people on a personal level. By doing that we are not seeing people as real people.

I know this is long, but it is a very complex issue and cannot be put into just a few words.

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Dear Ray Dart,

I learned to shoot a small rifle at the age of six, and by age twelve had graduated to a beautiful thirty-ot-six.

I love guns, owned several...crack shot...then moved from rural to urban for schooling and profession. Eventually just gave up all my beloved guns, had them destroyed. Too much violence, horrendous disrespect for safety and for human life.

* * *

I love GatorBlu's answer, "I don't think guns are as much of the problem as we as a society are losing social skills."

And until we rebuild those social skills, I am for STRICT gun control.

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As it has been pointed out there is a "gun cultural" in the US. At this time more than ever before US citizens have very little trust in the US Federal Government. Only God knows how that trust will be after our next elections.  Back to the point,  in my opinion, in essence US citizens feel vulnerable at home, on the street, in stores etc. So even with all the Federal and State gun controls unless they are enforced they are of little consequence. Those who do not qualify for a legal purchase of a weapon can always find a seller for the right price.  Automatic weapons are the scourge. Outside of warfare there is no legitimate reason for the average citizen to have one.  When will we in the US introduce gun control? We have but combining the culture and fear and mistrust  you will be waiting for a very long, long time before we are a semi-gun-less society. The recent incident in Florida has brought all the arguments to the forefront once again. Unfortunately, again in my opinion, the outrage, the arguments, analysis, etc will slowly fade. A few folks (as in Sandy Hook)  will continue the fight but not enough to really matter. Changing the minds and hearts of people requires a great leader with strong convictions. This again is a subject where we can write reams and reams. But it requires personal action and involvement.

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