What feasible plan can drastically reduce or maybe even eliminate all of these mass shootings?


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Outlaw guns. I believe other civilized industrial countries had done so. I truly believe that there are so many people in America that have this mentality I want to kill my neighbor any reason and no reason and that is reflected in the mass shootings and the murders.

America is the leader far outpaced any other civilized country with mass murder shooting killings and maybe it's got something to do with TV and the video games because it seems the more that the hero kills someone the body count goes up and it seems like those are the movies that make the most money now that is it like a badge see how many people you can killed at one time. SAD.

All Guns Should be Banned from citizens. 

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It's not the guns.
Seriously ... Name ANY other method that a single person can easily defend themselves from multiple attackers.  There is NONE.

There are far more instances of American defending themselves with firearms, than there are of mass shootings.  But they don't get headlines, because they seldom involve a shooting.  Usually just showing the firearm is enough to deter the criminals. 

The only change that will help, is making these people feel as if they belong to the society.  People who feel they don't belong, are the ones targeted for recruitment by gangs and terrorists.

Another idea would be for the media NOT to give the shooter's name, or make them a "hero" to other disaffected people.  Think about it.  How much "news time" does the shooter get, compared to the victims?  We hear all about the criminal's life, but nothing about the victims'.

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I remember that Robert Kennedy (if I recall correctly) observed that the primary issue during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963 was not trying to decide what to do, but rather trying to figure out what not to do.

I think that the elimination of "mass shootings" may---similarly---not respond well to a direct frontal attack such as gun control.

Kind of like trying to eliminate crocodile attacks on humans maybe---where do you start?

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Mandatory brain scan and psyche evaluation that is put into database. Any requests for firearms sets of alerts with regards to, not only family members of the person with known mental illness, but zip code proximity for possible accomplices.

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That could cost some major bucks but it's a good idea !
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But here the problem:

But mass shootings represent a small percentage of all gun violence, and mental illness is not a factor in most violent acts. According to one epidemiological estimate, entirely eliminating the effects of mental illness would reduce all violence by only 4 percent. Over all, less than 5 percent of gun homicides between 2001 and 2010 were committed by people with diagnoses of mental illness, according to a public health study published this year.

Blaming mental health problems for gun violence in America gives the public the false impression that most people with mental illness are dangerous, when in fact a vast majority will never commit violence. Still, some legal changes should be made to reduce access to firearms among the small percentage of people with mental illness who are dangerous to themselves or others.

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Or maybe just "a" problem.
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That's easy but it won't happen till about 2064.

Get rid of all governments, militaries, religions,

and money. Learn to live with one another.

The people of this world are wasting more treasures every day.

Of Ideas, Life, and Love.

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I don't understand Americans and their love affair  with guns ... It's the same thing I see with health care ... I work with Americans daily and they went nuts about free health care cos they were told the government was trying to control their health care .,.. You people are so brain washed,  it's awesome to be able to walk into hospital no worry of cost .. No chemo costs ..I would be homeless right now if I'd had to pay for health care for my husband... Any way ...guns ,,,I got to shoot lots of guns at someone's farm when I was in the states ,,: It was fun. But no more guns .: Please. I'm so honestly sad about what happened in Florida . I'm heart broken by it.  I hate it so much and I don't want to be sad anymore cos I said so 😡

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Eliminating guns won't eliminate the societal sickness that leads to these shootings. Better mental health care is a major factor, as well as less stigma for mental issues (I can't think of a single one of these mass shooters that did not have mental issues that others noticed before the shooting. That is in common with almost all of them).

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