Americans ... or anyone who has an "independence day" celebration ... what is the most you have spent on a celebration? I can easily spend $1000 on a fireworks display. I even just bought a "professional" remote triggering system. LOL


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I'm coming to your house for July 4th, sounds like you have one heck of a fireworks display.

The day of my divorce paper signing was my "personal Independence Day" and it cost me high 6 figures, a property deed, a ton of lawyer fees but the feeling afterwards was "priceless".

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Walt O'Reagun
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lol ... I'm glad my divorce was amicable - and we were too poor to have anything worth fighting over, anyway.
Ancient Hippy
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She got the money and the vacation home, I got the kids. I came out on top of that deal, wouldn't change a thing.
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I wish we could have real fireworks but we live in a "sparkles only" state" with tough enforcement.  We usually have a family Bar-B-Q and invite some friends a real laid back get together. 

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Walt O'Reagun
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When I was growing up ... WA was a "sparkles only" state, and you had to cross into OR for the "good" fireworks. Now it's reversed. lol

Personally, I think fireworks should be covered under either the 1st or 2nd Amendments. HA!
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We don't spend much on Independence Day.  We go to free fireworks displays and just have a picnic or small party to celebrate.  It's about celebrating freedom.  Our ancestors paid a much higher price than we ever could for those rights.

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Walt O'Reagun
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I've noticed "free" fireworks displays are getting smaller each year. They're now paid for by selling buttons or whatever, and if people don't buy them - there's no money for the display. Kinda sad, IMO.
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I don't pay a thing....I'm usually in bed by the time they're set off! Work comes early for me!

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I usually don't pay too much. It's the guys I know that like to blow things up so they are in charge of the explosive festivities, lol. I make sure to have the cookout supplies in order. It's quite fun! Ok ok, I lied alittle. I like blowing things up too.

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My state, were allowed to have fireworks. I usually just go over to a family friends or a relatives house and have dinner and party there. Good for us cuz we don't have to pay for anything except for maybe a side dish.

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