Certain amount deducted from SSI benefits if making certain amount working (about 500 if making 1k/month) if I get less then 500/month from SSI how much is deducted? Is it the same amount


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You really need to call your case worker or call 800# or wait on your letter or ssa.gov or go in person.

The Blurtit community has advised you of this information a couple of times.

We do not know how much will be deducted from your check. Too many variables we don't know.

SSA.GOV is updated daily Or every 7 Days.

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Johnny Bravo
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I'm so positive my Mother stole my checks in the pass i cam even get family members (atleast 3 different people) to say on audio recording (without them knowing of course) my Mom stole about 2000 in benefits from me if not more and also get on audio them then denying all of this in front of any kind of authority or someone that can do something about this. After I have all that on recording I can get my mom to say on recording "I didnt take any of your money it must of been hallucinations, you know your schizophrenic". They do this all the time i just recently had the idea to record it happening but cant afford a decent recording device. I have a tablet but the quality is very terrible and its huge it will look too suspicious. Once and if this is settled I definitely want to sue everyone involved for trauma, if I can, that is.
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1. Go in person, if necessary file a complaint against your mom. (Not advisable, but)
2. Change Payee, may be best.
3. Hire an attorney.
4. Ask for an arbitrator.
5. Have no Payee.
6. Make sure you have all the facts about your mom's role as a payee.
7. Tell your mom you're going to remove her as payee.
8. Ask ssa for a case manager.
9. I'm not a case manager or attorney or a professional on ssa matters.
10. Prayer.
I hope you will find a speedy solution you will be happy with 🌝
Johnny Bravo
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Thanks! I want to just file a fraud case on the official SSA website and get it over with but I fear they won't investigate only ask her a couple questions she will not answer truth fully, believe her lies them dismiss the case like most people in authority all ready have done then I will have a much harder time getting hard evidence of my payee's actions, right now she has no idea I'm trying to take action she thinks I believe her lies but I actually spent a lot of time reading virtually everything on the SSA web page so I know what she can and can't do. Also, she made a appointment for me to become my own payee on the 8th but by then she will already have my big check I was depending on all I will have is the regular 500 every month.

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