Yes its national lipstick day and national lasagna day and for those surfers or motocrossers its national gnarly day so what is your shade of lipstick?


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Lasagna is one of my highly favorites! A very decent lovely meal!

I love lipsticks! My favorite one is red! Although to me, lipsticks are cool as long as a lady don't become obsess to wear them all the time. Overusing hurts the health and too much make up (lipstick so being one of them) creates a chemical smell that you never want to caught up with in a long term. Headaches! However, it adds another level of beauty and fashion specially in formality. But yet nothing replace the natural beauty. That's where our main focus should be. Don't cover that natural beauty and coloring all the time!

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I used to ride some moto-cross but mainly Enduros and Cross Country races but I still love Lasagna .

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otis campbell
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Thats what happenend to me its a young mans sport then u end up in a wheel chair
Rooster Cogburn
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He's way more beat up than me. Walks with a crouch and has a bad leg but he can fly and he's a nice guy.
otis campbell
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I watched him and broc glover back in 77here in houston those two were flying around rio bravo motocross track

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