Is there any country where the female race is not spoiled by the dominant philosophy of J.P. Sartre and Feminism?


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Breaking news: 'females' are not a race but a gender. They're something like people.

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I can swear on that if necessary!
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I can usually tell the difference. During the 1984 LA Olympics I was watching the games with Mrs Didge and my 11 year-old son when I peered at somebody on camera and said, "I don't know if that's a man or a woman." Young Neil said, "I'm going to have to have a son-to-father talk with you, Dad." I think I've worked it out since then. Most of the time.
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We of the female race are all spoiled out in the UK and USA so don't look here.

"Whew, that was a close one sisters"

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Females are of the same race as you. Using the old term "race" as species or subspecies.

Answering your question though, only about 25% (at most ) of all people identify as feminists. Feminism in this recent form (third wave ) is dying on the vine.

I think you can find better whipping boys ( or girls in this case ) than Sartre.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say .. I don't think there is ANY country whose ENTIRE female race is "ruined" by feminism .. Period. (Only use the term 'race' here to stay on point .. the truth is there is no such thing a female 'race' .. it is a gender not a race).

Theories of feminism have metamorphasized since back in the 40's - ... Just like in any movement there are activists with a warped sense of reality and of course there are the extremists who are .. Well .. Mentally deranged.

I myself have engaged in some pretty 'heated' discussions about what is involved when using the term 'equal rights' .. I've seen women get downright nasty when I disagree with them by saying equal rights is EQUAL rights .. Which means men should not be held in a higher regard or considered more important than women ... As well as .. Women should also not be held at a higher regard or considered more important than men .. THey should be considered to be of the same importance. That is what EQUAL means.  If one is favoured over the other for a job (for example) they should be favoured because of their higher qualifications, not because of their gender.

I've been told womens rights activists should be fighting to 'compensate' for the wrongs that have been victimizing women since the beginning of time.  Ive been told they 'should be' held higher and with more regard .. With that .. I have to admit, I completely and emphatically disagree.

Equal is Equal .. Not over compensating for something.

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Well i think u mean gender. They had a story on sixty minutes of a law called machismo is south america where if a wife does not do what the husband tells her she can be murdered and its legal.  Crazy stuff

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As part of the female race, I can say that we are not spoiled anymore than the male race, who, for the majority of history was WAY more spoiled than women.  While we are working at changing this, women are pushed to the side, especially in sport.  I have seen very few ads for women's sport, but ads for male sport are on all the time.

There is nothing wrong with feminism, unless you are someone who needs to stick to the unequal values of old for some reason.

And, for your information, women and men are actually part of the SAME RACE, if there is even such thing as race.  The only thing that separates us are our genitalia and social stigmas.

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I agree that contemporary feminism has taken it too far regarding some topics but sartre's work can't be qualified as spoiling, seing how women were treated when he was professionally and intelectually influent , he just had something to say about it I guess 0^0

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It has come to light (for us philosophers at least) that contemporary feminism has become a problem for the mental health of men. The degree of freedom given to female population has caused some serious issues with the right conception of the roles gender used to play. The gender concept as the basis of freedom is being shaken by the female opposite, making it impossible for some men to play along the female "snake" game. Also, the game is being played at some intellectual level also.
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I agree, NN ... I guess it could be a "problem" for sexist bigots. But mentally stable and mature men should be able to handle equality of genders just fine.
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There is no such thing as a "degree of freedom given to the female population". Freedom is freedom , it cant be measured with any degree , and it certainly wasnt given to women , they fought really hard for it and took it themselves for a proper equality that is still not respected in many parts of the globe nowadays, sad to read that this equality can in anyway be defined as a problem

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