If a strange pandemic wiped out 70% of men would polygamy become acceptable? Or, if 70% of women were lost, would polyandry be OK? What etiquette would apply in a menage-a-many?


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If polygamy or polyandry became necessary and acceptable, I'd buy stock in the company that makes these:

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There wouldn't be time for it to become acceptable. When wars killed off a large number of men, the ratio of male children being born increased, to even things out.  So only one generation would be short of males. Just like more male baby boomers were born than female.

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Its true, but the reason is strange. here is a link
Sorry, it did not come out as a link you will have to type it in I think.
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I am surprised you did not know that after a devastating war more boy children were born than girl children. (but I must admit I cannot recall when or where I learned it)
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That link led me to page 1 of 694 pages. Couldn't find it, sorry. I imagine that when there's a war Mars is in the ascendancy and Venus has to take a back seat.

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