I just read in my local paper that we've got these stupid horror Clowns over here now. The police are classing it as "antisocial behaviour" O_o What would you do if one of these plums came running at you armed with a knife or such?


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I asked a simaliar question on here about a week ago so I feel you :)  ..  I now know how to fend of the creepy clowns ...  This is what I got : You need to arm yourself with a frying pan tiara , circus music, pepper spray , baseball bat and a cardboard cut out of Ronald McDonald .... STAT !

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Pepper pot
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Lol!! Yes acting weirder than them may work, wouldn't be hard for me to do.
Water Nebula
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And one of those squirting flowers filled with acid!
Jaimie  JT
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Ohhhhhh !!! I left out the squirting flower :) thanks for reminding me, Rex :)
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I'd really like to get through life without having to harm anyone, that being said, I'm glad that I live where I live, and if I choose to obtain a concealed carry permit.... I can do that.....I'd shoot him, point blank then ask him why he was acting like a fool.

I take it you live elsewhere....in that case, I'd be sure to have a screwdriver, ball bat, hammer, something I'd could readily grab just in case I needed it.....mace works too, but not always.

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Pepper pot
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England. We can't carry baseball bats alone as it is classed as a weapon so I'd have to take a glove. Not allowed a hammer unless I take a bag of nails. I'm surprised the Clowns are getting away with carrying a knife, you'd think they'd need to take a chopping board too. I think I will carry a spray or something. I hate this type of thing, I don't even watch horror films but am aware of one called The killer clowns.
Yin And Yang
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"Killer clowns from outer space" was one of the DUMBEST movies ever to be created! Absolutely STUPID! That is the only one I know of.
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I think if someone is coming at me with a knife, clown costume or not, I'd defend myself in any way I can. I carry pepper spray, and I've taken self defense classes. I'm formidable and a little crazy. They might try and take me out, but I'll tell ya, I won't go easy. Grrrrr....

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Pull my sidearm and point it right at his head and tell him to stop.

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Pepper pot
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I don't own one Hippy, what could I use? Honestly I think it would scare the pants off me. I feel sorry for people with a dicky heart.
Ancient Hippy
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You could use pepper spray. My daughter has a small one that fits on her key chain.
Pepper pot
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Good idea
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I wonder when this stupid clown stories and participation of horrifying clowns would end! Don't we have enough tension in our daily lives already?  Plus, clowns are getting symbol of the worst memories to some and it's serious! Stupid people!! "sigh"

At first, i'd ignore, if it gets more tense, i'd remove myself from the scene quicker, if it keeps coming, it's the moment where they made their mistake, now i stay, regardless of the result,  even if it be too serious as much as a risk to my life or a chance that i end up in hospital for instance, well, i put them in hospital first. This is how i am! If i decide to stay for it. I'll stay to the end as insane as i can be. I'm always calm till the moment i explode.

I'll use anything on me, from my body parts to any objectives around to take and use anything they are carrying. It'll be heck of a show!

However, this process is only when i'm alone, just imagine if they cause one pinball of sweat on my girlfriend's forehead ? I'm all over their head less than a second.

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Pepper pot
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Yes it's in my county, I can't believe it. I just cannot believe that people would think it a good idea. I'm just wondering if a clown will come off worse when scaring someone, I bet they expect people to run.
Matt Radiance
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Yea it's pretty stupid!! they must learn their lessons! when get attacked back! also when police stat to arrest them for such behaviors. slowly they will learn this is not a good idea.
Pepper pot
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Let's hope so, our police couldn't catch a cold.
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Perfect "Fight or Flight" Situation. If you are able to run away from this psycho clown killer then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - literally. This is the best non-confrontational method to save yourself, if you can't call the police or they won't arrive on time.

If I did not have time to run away then I would for sure fight back. A key tip that is taught in self-defense classes (e.g. Krav Maga) are: When you are up against a person with a knife (and you can't run) FIGHT. You are bound to get at least scratched in this situation so it is all up to your mind to be able to stop fretting over getting scratched and think clearly to avoid being stabbed in a vital organ. Grab & twist the killer's wrists to pull the knife away. And while you're at it, punch face, kick shins, poke eyes and scream like you're on a broken rollar-coaster gearing towards potential death. An advantage to fighting a killer clown is also the fact that they have masks on, which limit their field of vision.

On that note, good luck this halloween!

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Pepper pot
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You are correct it is very much fight or flight, as I was taught to sprint a the sound of a gubshot or whilstle when I was younger, I programmed towards flight, problem is I have arthritis. I read it is better to grab the blade as high to the handle point as possible as it givds you leverage to pull it away from them. Not sure if that's true.

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