I'm watching the news, about people overcoming their personal hidden racism.

Are you a Racist?

Before you jump with NO and you got a rainbow in your family and a half dozen rainbow of friends. 

Think deeply.

Please no links or if the world did this or that. This is about YOU. 


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heres an open secret everyone is racist at some degree its human nature to be, but where should the line be drawn? When it prevents us from being kind and just all men were created equal and everyone should be held to the same regard

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Jann Nikka
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Sometimes I find myself saying it's because of this or is because of that and maybe it's both or neither. It's definitely our inner feelings and learned factors we need to be aware of and in the process learn to eliminate those fears and all live in peace. After all their is only one thing that separates us and it SKIN TONE 😎.
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I'm not a racist. I like people, especially if they keep their distance. I even like women and they come from Venus.

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Do I believe that race can determine a person's superiority or inferiority? Do I believe that race corresponds with certain mental faculties or abilities? Do I believe that these differences should be translated into law that subjugates one race under another? My answer to all these question is no, and thus, I do not consider myself a racist.

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I get the idea that your definition of racism is not racism.  One could think that by your definition everybody is racist, even if they do not fit the definition of racism.

Racism. The belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits.

( this is the definition but I have a suspicion that your definition is not even close to this one )

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Jann Nikka
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@John McCann, Do not tell me what to do, especially when you already have a conclusion you have come to. I'm done with you 😨. Post on.
Tom  Jackson
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@Niccka Nickka

I like this from the urban dictionary, especially the final dialog between the Statistics guy and the Overzealous guy:


Perhaps someone should have understood from the way you wrote your question how you were defining "racism."
John McCann
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@Tom Jackson

That someone understanding the question would not have been you. Again you stick your nose in and get it chopped off.
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Do I judge people by their skin color? No. Do I suspect some people of other color judge me because of mine? Yes. Actually I know that to be true. I also have been judged for not having a bachelor's degree. (Even though I accomplished more professionally than the person who was judging me.) I was raised to treat everyone with respect until they give you a reason not to do so, and that is what is what I do.

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First off, Excellent question.

I live in New Hampshire, and for the longest time the ethnic diversity was very  . . . Shall we say, lean.

Whenever I had opportunity to get to know an African American person, I would jump at the chance. I always questioned whether my "Jumping at the chance" was considered racism . . . I had many things in common with these friends so it wasn't like I was inventing a friendship. I still see one of my closest from time to time, and we give each other a big hug (I'm a hugger) and try to catch up.

I tend to start up conversations just out of the blue with total strangers, no mater what ethnicity they are . . .

Lately the ethnic diversity has amped up quite a bit, and while at the dog park, I watch a group of Indian American people play Cricket . . . I find other cultures fascinating . . . I don't know if that is considered racists if you treat someone different because you are over curious about they culture and beliefs . . .

I should remark that skin color doesn't matter . . . They could be dark skinned, brown skinned, or white . . . Different ethnic cultures ignite curiosity in me.

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Jann Nikka
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Excellent thank you 🙄
Darik Majoren
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Great Question by the way.
Jann Nikka
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Thanks. The group that was confronting their prejudices and admitting they were Racists, because they felt it was only against Blacks, but In truth they had hate towards all other races. They were all different races, religions and nationalities. Most at first said NO, but they had to go around the room and admit they were a racist against all other races as well.
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I have a 23 y/o biracial son (black dad / white mom). He looks black on the outside. His girlfriend is also biracial - Mexican and white. As they draw closer to her due date (end of December), I cannot help but wonder what kind of difficulties this new baby will endure because of his parents mixed race qualities.

If the baby was white, s/he would look like me, but have parents with a different skin tone. If the baby were dark, s/he would more or less fit in with his/her parents because s/he would look more like them than me.

This situation has forced me to look at the racial diversity topic a little more closely now that my son will soon be a father. No one wants their child to experience adversity. However, these things are bound to happen - all based on skin tone than on the person themselves.

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Jann Nikka
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D, I've never understood why a person's skin tone that no one absolutely no have a choice be born Black, White, Brown, Red or Yellow (as they say) YEP there is HATE HATE and more Hate. All because of skin tone. smh
Danae Hitch
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I know it. Doesn't make any sense.
Jann Nikka
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I tried to hate at one time and it took a lot of of me to keep trying to remember to hate. I talk tooooooo much and I wasn't able to first see skin tone. I failed at hate. But I found I'm very good at LOVE, It's funnier 😎. When people would say to me you don't like be because of my skin tone. I have to immediately correct them and say truth is I don't like you. LOL LOL
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No, I'm not.

I'm a cradle Catholic who as an adult has fully embraced Catholicism.

For someone like me, while each of us has various talents and qualities, we do not subscribe to racial superiority or inferiority.

People are people and then they act.  The difference is accidental, not substantial--- as a philosopher might observe.

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I am not a racist.

Different colors and backgrounds are the beauty of our nature. What's fun about it if we all look the same and share the same culture and lifestyle ?

I might not embrace some other's cultures tho but i always respect them. And i never treat people according to their skin color at all.

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