Does anybody live in a southern state?


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Yes, all of the southern states have inhabitants, at present.

I live in Florida, and there are lots of people living down here. 

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I was raised in and live in Florida. I have also lived in Georgia and Virginia .  I am a flip flop wearing, iced tea drinking, southern girl. (Who was born in NY.)

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I was born and raised in the south. Technically midwest, but if you asked anyone there they'd say they're southern. Harlan, Kentucky. Crapshoot of a place, grandfather was a coal miner who knew better so he hauled his butt along with all his kids and grandkids to California then told everyone they best get themselves a college degree or else nobody gon feed ya.

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Yes, I am from North-Central Florida and still live here. Although I'm ultimately of Irish and Scottish descent, my mom's family especially has been in the South for a long time and I have relatives in Alabama and Georgia as well.

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PJ Stein
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Irish and Scottish ancestors usually means fsir skin. In Florida you best sure to use your sunscreen.
Levi F.
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Yep, my skin is pretty pale--I use sunscreen often lol
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Nope, not me.

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I was born and raised in Hawaii, the southern most state of the United States 

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