What do you see as the greatest threat to our world, our society, or mankind in particular? Any or all...


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These two knuckleheads.

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I can encompass all of these with three words:

Man's misplaced priorities.

As the only creature to ever exist on this planet with the ability of self-determination, we humans are destroying the planet in the name of stubbornness and greed; crippling our societies in the name of belief and vanity; and killing each other en masse due to our ignorance and hate.

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Hi, Toxic Hairball...here is how I see it...




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Police brutality.



Only to them blue matters

Civil war will happen

Because of the corruption of the police-

I'm ready- are you ?

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1. Mankind

2. Disease

3. Mankind

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Enormous question, concise answers, all hovering around the same theme. I'll just add one word. Indifference.

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Didge Doo
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I've often done the same thing, Virginia. Sometimes when I go back and read one of my old comments or answers I'm astonished that it came out just the way it did. (I remember, once, on Ask, Waldorff pointed out that I had actually said exactly the opposite of what I meant. And he was right.)

But, yes, big money will always triumph over morality because it can afford to buy enough politicians to see that it gets what it wants.
Virginia Lou
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As i get more experience with life, it is possible to feel very discouraged...sometimes I catch myself, and just pause and make a point of looking at all the wonderful things that are happening, too.

I can't remember if I asked you what you thought of Bernie Sanders? I really liked his message...sent him his $27, my first political donation ever!
Didge Doo
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I didn't know enough about him to form an opinion, Virginia. I can't think he'd have been a worse choice than Clinton, though.

(I avoided your American Dream question for the same reason. I'm just not in a position to comment.)
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Humans are not a threat to the world, only to each other, as George Carlin said, mother earth will shrug us off like a bad case of fleas.


However, until that time, our ignorance, greed, pursuit of power and immortality could cause quite a lot of damage.  "Enough" doesn't appear to be in our vocabulary. I am not fooled, those in positions of power do not give two hoots about "saving the planet," and if they were their plan would consist of getting rid of more of us, not giving up their private jets, and cravings for a larger economy to keep them in their accustomed lifestyle.

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Pepper pot
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You are welcome Toxic
Virginia Lou
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I enjoyed that, Pepper Pot. He is very intelligent, insightful.
Pepper pot
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Certainly a loss for all of us, he was a very out spoken man, and some didn't like that.
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Lack of education, specifically in understanding that the behavior of people in a democracy does not always include behaviors that will ensure the survival of the democracy.

It was put this way more recently "Complexities of technological, diplomatic, and military issues mean that 82%of the electorate cannot be expected to reach an informed decision."

As William F Buckley, Jr. Once observed:  "How does one know that we are entering a Dark Age?"

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