Its the national marine corps birthday. National cupcake day. National forget me not day. So is this your day?


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Mountain Man answered

Sounds like a good day to me Otis. Happy Birthday U.S.M.C.  And  "Semper Fi". Chesty would be proud. 

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Deleted Account answered

Remember chocolate cupcake day?

Alrighty then! This time I want a salted caramel cupcake, plenty of caramel icing, fudge cube on top, plenty of sprinkles, and you don't happen to have any ice-cream on you? Ice cream to help the cupcake go down?

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Ancient Hippy answered

Happy birthday Marines. I salute you while eating a cupcake.

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Lard Ass answered

Happy Birthday Marines! Have a big cupcake!

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Yin And Yang answered

It is a great day for sure but I think the Marines trump the others in my heart. My daughter's boyfriend of over a year is a Marine and he's kind of grown on me. Grrr I am suppose to be the scary BEAR! LOL

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