Do we have less face-to-face interaction because of Facebook?


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Don't blame all of that on facebook. Take responsibility for letting websites like facebook take over your life.

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I personally don't...I'm guessing the younger generation does though,  due to social media.  I just watch less television  as a result .... Which is fine.... Cos I said so :)

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I don't. The reason why Facebook works for me is I have friends all over the country, and at least one friend out of country. It is a way to stay connected. Near and far we are all on different schedules, and it is easy to share are joys, sorrows, and rants about whatever has ticked us off for the day. We don't rant often, but it is nice to have friends who understand when you do.

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Sounds like a great trip. I love the fresh mountain air & mountain climbing. Well done on your anniversary. You should remind your husband what a lucky man he is & vice versa!!
PJ Stein
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We actually had the conversation the other day how good our lives are. We have a house we enjoy. We like where we live. We actually and genuinely like each other. Life is good. And we know we are lucky that it is. Not all luck. It took a lot of work to get here.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Before I proposed to Jana I talked to a lot of my friends who had been married for 20,30 even some 40+ years & asked them what is the secret to a good, long lasting marriage & they all said pretty much said the same thing. They said you need to marry someone who you don't view just as a wife or lover or trophy wife etc You need to find someone you genuinely see as your best friend. Someone who always has your back, someone who will stick with you through thick & thin & that's exactly how I see my wonderful Jana. I've known her all my life, I held her in my arms when she was 3 days old. Yes, there is a significant age difference but as a friend reminded me people aren't numbers they are human beings. I can honestly say that I have no reservations or doubts about marrying her. We are soulmates & are both very lucky.
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Facebook should be useful for very long distance friends like Gator mentioned, but the more "instant" and at the moment-popular social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and texting and calling in general make it so people don't have to get up and go out to see their close-by friends for a chat. 

So people would be less likely to see long-distance friends with or without social media, and less likely to see close-by friends with social media.

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