Primarily for those in the United States: Do you have any childhood memories of Ringling Brothers Circus? your thoughts.


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They are closing down this year after 146 years of operation. After putting all the elephants and most of the big animals in a sponsored reserve they found their profits fell dramatically. In addition a Circus appears to be no longer relevant in today's society. Your thoughts.

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I remember going as a child and having a wonderful time.  I found it thrilling!

As I grew, I looked at the broader issues.  I can't justify exploiting animals for profit and entertainment.

It's an era I can feel a little nostalgia for, but I'm far more glad it's passed.

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Like Happy said, I went as a child but grew to dislike the treatment of the animals.

The only problem that I see is, what are all of the unemployed clowns going to do now?

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For me it was the Cole Brothers Circus. My hometown was always their first stop when they started touring in the spring. The reason we were first was because we were their winter home. They closed down last year.  It would surprise people who were visiting or new to the area to see someone walking an elephant down the road. Or hear a lion roar while waiting on a train.

It saddened many people when it closed. It has been a part of our town's history.  The circus ran for over 130 years.

I get the animal rights activists point of view, but they think by shutting circuses down they are saving these animals. Many end up in "rescues" that don't have the funding that can properly care for them. If you are trying to save the animals, you need to follow through. Cole Brothers was closed because PETA hounded tbem. But where is PETA when they need to find suitable homes? They certainly are not funding them. I am going to stop before this becomes a total rantagainst PETA.

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