Why Are People Spamming Blurtit? I'm sorta new to this site, I came here on 12/31/16. And I've read that a lot of people are spamming this site. Why is that? I don't understand. :(


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This site had great moderation and the spam was quickly dispatched as were the trolls who asked really asinine questions. The mods were let go, so, now the site has little to no moderation and the spam slips through and sits for hours.

Perhaps the administrator of this site is looking for new mods to take care of the spam or maybe Blurtit will become 'spam central'.

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People have always been trying to infiltrate Blurtit (like any social site) with spam .. Problem we are experiencing lately is the moderators that are supposed to remove it and keep it in control on a regular basis .. Aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Thus the spam-a-rama as we have been witnessing lately.

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The current mods are lazy, basement dwellers that feed off of the misery of their long term users and eat the pages and pages of spam as a snack. We had two amazing moderaters a few months ago: Rooster Cogburn and Angela Anthony. The spam was dispatched quickly and the long term users kept this site alive with a mix of humor and seriousness. The Blurtit administration decided to let them both go then they completely banned Rooster from the site. If you wish to stay here, awesome! If you decide you'd like to try elsewhere, many of us have gone to answermug.com.

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I'll be eagerly awaiting it! Although, I'll have to read it tomorrow. It's nearly 1 AM here I have to be up early. I will read it though, I promise.
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I sent it and I understand you gotta go. It is 10 pm in Cali and I gotta run out to get milk for the FIXED fridge!!! LOL! The kids are excited for milk in the morning! :0)
Have a blessed night my Brother! :0)
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It was nice laughing with you my friend! :0)
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Some spammers want to scam you. Other spammers trolls you. I think that people who ask you about their private life are spammers. They ask the stupid questions.

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