Considering we are allies with The State Of Israel, and that Palestinian land has been taken from them, and they are reduced to being held prisoners in the small areas they are left to occupy, and we do nothing and suppy Israel with weapons, Is the anger of Muslim extremists justified? 


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Well, that is one view isnt it?

Is it justified for us to furnish  our longtime ally with weapons to assist protecting their soveriegnty when they are confronted in all directions by Muslim extremism? Besides, the Jews were promised this land in the OT, weren't they? Religion poisons everything. Pick your poison. 

Palestinians aren't a recognized nation, nor are they allies of the west. Let the Palestinians appeal to their allies. We can see how that has worked out thus far for them.

Beyond that, Muslim extremists will generate plenty of anger on their own to vilify the west for, plenty of enemies to target vitriol at, because as the Qu'ran and Hadith repeatedly emphasize, Allah made it the duty of every Muslim man to seek out, convert or destroy infidels and apostates. Is that justified? Religion poisons everything.

Are we then justified in our position against this mindset so diametrically opposed to, and violently incompatible with, our hard-won modern society? Or should we yield to a tribe of obstinate outsiders with neither wealth, trade or alliances? 

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Muslim extremists "anger" has VERY LITTLE to do with Israel and the Palestinians.

It has MUCH MORE to do with our interference in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan ... Going back to the 1953 Iranian coup.  Which was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ... And was all over Iran nationalizing the oil industry.

Then, we pretty much left the Mideast alone ... Until the Carter Administration.  Carter actually put in place the doctrine that changed everything - and is responsible for continued American involvement in that quagmire region to this day, and into the foreseeable future.

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no, the ME probs arent all the fault of United States' Imperialism, Colonialism, Capitalism & Racism.

you might consider the fault of the endless moslem sectarian war of sunni vs shiia.

from tunisia to indonesia & afganiPak, it has devastating the caliphate for many yrs,

most recently w/ the horrifically failed Arab Spring.

as for the Pales, they were offered the deal of the century by the UN's Partition Plan for Palestine of 1947.

both the US & the USSR advised them to accept it,

instead they rejectd it and tripled down on their rejection:

joined the arab/moslem world in starting a war vs israel,

and were humiliated in quick defeat by the infant nation.

forget the Pales, they made their own bed many times over.

x Maps. partition
UN Resolution 181, 1947 :
“The Deal of the Century” for creating a Palestinian state that the Pales & Arabs violently rejected,
thereby losing the all land they were allotted by the Plan that made Gaza & the West Bank far larger than they are today.
The US and USSR both advised the Pales and Arabs to accept the UN-approved Plan.
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You are talking about the problems in the Middle East.
The question was specifically about why Muslim Extremists hate the US, as related to the Israel vs Palestinian issue.

(btw - Israelis ARE Palestinians)

My answer points out that the question is flawed, as Muslim Extremists' anger has little to do with Israel.
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At least 1,211 Israelis and 9,454 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.

The Z they are hardly covered on all sides by Muslim extremists have you seen Palestines loss of land to Israel?

No, the land was not promised to the Jews as true torah following (not zionists) know this. Nice to know you justify this atrocity as a true allie of Israel would.

Palestinians have lived on that land for many years, are you justifying the mass killings of palestinians men, women and children and the hostage of their people because they are not recognised by who? As a country? Palestine was granted land but even that has been taken by Israel and the West does nothing.

If you are talking about Muslim extremists, well the wests interference came first helping Israel to steal Palestinian land. How would you react if this happened to your country or place where you had lived for thousands of years?

It's ironic that you quote the Quoran to justify Muslim extremist actions and what you think to be Judaism to justify the war crimes of Israel against Palestine.

Despite what you think about the people in Palestine they are human beings, are you saying they are only of value if the west cannot do trade with them or have wealth, that's dehumisation isn't it?

To Tiger, because if I speak out for what is truly going on I will be labelled a antisemite and that can get you imprisoned. The irony is this isn''t Judaism, it is Zionism which is an ideology.  A number of politicians have tried in my country and have been labelled anti semetic and removed from office it can get you arrested. Also bear in mind who owns the media?

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invoking the "No True Scotsman fallacy leaves me unimpressed. What do you know of political alliances? Why have them if you can't support each other?
At its essence, Islam is fundamentally incompatible with modern society, whether you accept that or not is irrelevent. The fact is powers that be in the west accept it, further punctuated by the inhuman actions of its extremist adherents on a daily basis, even within their own borders.
Before you vilify the west for supporting its friends,
Ask yourself why the entire nearby Muslim world isnt rushing to the Palestinians' aid? Why not?
Then you can begin to consider the position of we on the other side of the planet who have, seeing what they do to each other.
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i personally don't support anyone killing anyone, don't contribute to it, dont celebrate it, but I wont be sucked into neighbors turf wars on the far side of the planet. Let the neighbors sort that mess out on their own.
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I don't think one has anything to do with the other.

First, no I don't agree with what has happened in Palestine, regardless of what I think of their laws in their country.

Second, I'm not sure Muslim extremists have ever said that they are committing terrorism because of what's happening in Palestine.  All I've heard is that they sometimes use the West's intervention in Afghanistan to recruit, but then the real reason is exposed when they start criticizing western culture and laws, and wanting to rule the world under Allah and Sharia Law. 

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You better get some education? Israelis did not take anybody's land and others did. Whole of arabian peninsula jews lived in harmony with others until Mohammed went about screwing up people's mind with his distorted notions of religion.

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