What is your solution to stopping extremist terrorism?


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I think good intelligence in finding the terror cells and disrupting and destroying them is the best solution, but it's not going to stop it. There are children being born and raised into terrorism with one goal in life. There are also a lot of wannabes popping up with no prior arrests or indication that they will do harm.

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 Ideally, education.

The hatred fomented by ISIS and evil sects such as the Taliban and Boko Haram springs from and feasts upon varying degrees of ignorance. I don't think it necessary to mention what common belief system they draw their ideals from.

Education breeds understanding; understanding yields respect, respect is the seed of empathy, and empathy is the opposite of hatred.

There will always be evil people in the world and sadly, also masses of gullible people who follow them. If we can better educate those masses, the evildoers will find less fodder for their aims.

That said, it's wishful thinking. Since religion drives this cancer, it would be futile to expect it to be readily solved. Religion (belief) displaces education ---to the sole benefit of it's purveyors--- and replaces knowledge and inquiry with rhetoric and ignorance, sowing fear, distrust and debasement of reason. 

We should give breath to the idea that these twisted extremists do truly, deeply believe what they say they believe; as has been the case in uncountable sufferings since the first priest met the first fool. 

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Stop supplying them with weapons and funding (which we do). Change immigration policy so we can send islamic terrorists and extremists back to the middle east. Stop our government invading middle eastern countries for their oil, (killing innocent civilians) and learn to pay for the oil instead and give the middle east the profit which is rightfully theirs.

See they want to place a government (their control), in Libya so that they control the land, the oil, gold, and the people,  this is globalisation or the New world/New World order.. 

Also under terrorism our governments have changed the constition and privacy laws. As whistle blower Edward Snowden told us, and leaked documents Vault 7 project, weeping angel etc, we can all be spied on by computer, mobile phone and Smart TV, smart meters, and our data collected and stored, it's a Brave New World.

General Wesley clark said the invasion of seven middle eastern countries was planned back in 1991


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Lose religion . . .

Especially all those that incite ANY violence as part of their "Mainstream" belief system.

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Darik Majoren
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I can't agree more . . people will make up things to justify poor behavior all the time.
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The 'higher power' concept has been refined through every human culture. What a great resource for rationalizing all manner of human activity. Any answers beat none.
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@ The Z

Aristotle would agree---he said that the human mind was a machine for coming to conclusions.
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Governments should stop selling weapons to countries that support and fund terrorist groups like ISIS. And maybe have major operations to completely destroy the terrorists.

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For starters, we could stop being best buds with Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of modern Islamic fundamentalism.

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Saudi Arabia, America in bed with them on OIL....We need their Oil.... Saw a TV special about our "Look" the other way on Human Rights Violations because of OIL..
Also journalist said America is having some problems, would
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to the King, would you be willing to lower oil barrel prices, with a smile and grin as big as an OIL barrel he unapologetically stated NO. When told over and over America has several issues and problems... The King showed his Billion Dollar Smile and said NO...
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The united states does have oil and they know where to drill but the polar bear lovers won't let them drill because it will disrupt the polar bears lives.
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Kill 'em all and let god sort it out.

(Wow, haven't heard that in years.)

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My apologies if my passion sometimes overtakes my conversations in regards to religion. It is a character trait I revel in at times, but can still lead me down a more "Zealous" path without contemplating the full measure of the message . . . so to speak.
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None needed. Passion is good.
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Passion / enthusiasm is a good thing---in one of my books, there is a tale of David dancing around the arc of the covenant.

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