Jr.'s birthday is tomorrow. He will be three. He was almost born at my daughters high school graduation! LOL! Did you ever have a close call and almost not make it to the hospital?


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My first was a 12 hour labor before they decided to go with cesarean. Back then, if you had a cesarean, all following births must be cesareans, so we just had to make an appointment for the second child. My two youngest kids were already 2 and 4 years old when we "had" them.

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I delivered my oldest daughter in the back of the old family station wagon parked in front of the emergency room entrance. By the time they noticed we were out there the baby had arrived and mom and I were crying. My youngest was a thrilling delivery. I was in the delivery room holding my wife's hand. There were two nurses and the doctor. I was talking to my wife and she looked at me wide eyed and said the baby is arriving. I looked and realized the nurses had left the room and the doctor was on the phone on the other side of the room. I got down and my son arrived in my arms. I told the doctor he better not charge me a dime for the delivery.

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Not me, but my dad and step-mom didn't make it out the front door. My step-mother is a state forest ranger. She was out in the field when she started getting labor pains. She called the midwife and she told her they were far enough apart that she didn't need to rush. My step-mom worked another hour or so and headed home. She called my dad before leaving. Dad left work and picked up my sister from daycare. Since my step-mom had been out in the field and had been grungy she decided to take a shower while waiting for my dad to get home. Apparently the hot shower sped up the labor. By the time my dad got home she was in full blown labor and he delivered my brother on the bathroom floor with the help of a 2 year old. (Dad kept sending her to get towels.)

That was a far cry from when my brothers and I were born. Back then men weren't allowed in the delivery room and babies were at least a day old before the dads got to hold them.

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