What is something, or some things too many people do?


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IMHO, too many people-

Pray when they should be acting; act when they should be thinking; speak when they should be listening; accept what they should be challenging; give in when they should continue on; avoid what they should be attending; fear what they don't understand; trust what they cannot know; and advance that which has no virtue.

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Make excuses for others.

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Yin And Yang answered

Get in their cars and drive the same time I want to! Lol!

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Become single minded. They rush around thinking only about what they need to do, and never look up or around at their surroundings.

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Darik Majoren answered

React impulsively . . . To ANYTHING.

Everyone seems to be acting like they have a "Raw Nerve" exposed that goes directly to the emotional trauma center of their brain.

It seems to be all about "ME" and less about the bigger picture.

The idea is that we do not JUMP to conclusions, but we make our way and saunter up to a conclusion . . . Taking all of the data in, as we amble to that end.

Take a moment . . . Learn to breath . . . Even if people are pressuring you to act.

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