why do you think  disabled people might not want to take up sports/or living a active lifestyle? 


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Do you have your head in the sand! What makes you think they DON'T! You are ignorant!

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Why would some choose not to participate in the sports/activities available?  My brother-in-law was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident a year and a half ago.  He's not interested in organized sports.  It's a personal choice.

*Perhaps they just don't like sports. 

*Perhaps they are still processing the injury that disabled them.  Dealing with recovery, therapy, depression, medication side effects, etc. is enough to handle at the moment.

*Perhaps their pain level increases during certain activities.

The opportunities are there for any who wish to join, and that's a wonderful thing.  I remember when there was no consideration for wheelchairs to get over curbs!  Now handicapped accessibility is the law.  I'm glad they have the right and chance to do as much as they choose.

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For the same reason other people don't. They aren't interested. They don't know where to begin. They are too busy.

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There are so many disabled people who live an active life
and practice sports.
You can check out the
Paralympic games to get more information. However, others may stay away from an active
lifestyle as they get tired quickly due to their disability or because they have to deal with pain
after playing.

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The reasons are they are disabled, and it depends on if they are serious or not with their illness, some of them are not easily to do any sports, but some are so courageous, they can do the basketball, ping-pong etc. Some are play very well even better than the normal people too.

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