Who Was The First Black Person On Earth ?


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According to what I have learned over the years esau(you know the story of esau and jacob in the bible) was red skinned,not black...then you have the bible history of cain and able the sons of adam and eve the first humans to walk the earth...cain was thought to be marked for his insufficient sacrifice to the lord when the smoke blew upon him changing his skin  from his natural color...then the mark of cain because of killing his brother able ,the lord marked him so that none that thought to kill him would recognize him and know who he was marked by God/even though he was marked he was not to be touched by another man or judged...this is all I know if you want to find out more you would have to talk to a bible scholar that has studied in depth  to make the cross references.....
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Then we have the story of hamm being cursed for seeing noah naked..hamm being thought to be the father of the canaan/ the chptr-20 verses 20-27
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Why is it that the only blacks that are mentioned are thought to be cursed with blackness. Why is the black skin considered to be a curse?!?!?!  According to the Bible's description of the place of the Garden of Eden.In Africa....Who says that Adam and Eve were not black themselves or at least of a darker skinned people?
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I googled the title just curious and man there's a lot that I have learned from this topic. Today does it even matter. We should all know better that one could not exist without the other. No matter the first black man, white woman, or latin spokesman, we know we are all one. It is important to learn our orgins but I think we should focus on getting it right before we cast out the other. There are so many questions I have about black people, white people, latin, Chinese, and so on. I don't think its meant for us to know much more than what we do. Yes there are some like ourselves that seek additional knowledge and understanding, but lets love to love one another and understand the reason for the different type of people that we encounter with the likes of blood type or just being a human period.

The thing I do hate about all of this just like for many others is that in the changing of times those before us miss the opportunities to see what we've discovered and learned, just as it will be for those many years a head. I am sure without any doubt that earth and many inhabitants like it will consist of a much broader type of belonging. Aliens, yeah I do believe they are out there. So many different worlds to explore. 3k years from now I am sure the human race will not be the only inhabitants we share this universe with.

My love to all.


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