If you were to give a talk on times past, “the good old days”, to a younger audience, when and what would you talk about?


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I would talk about the glory days of the mid-2000s, pre-ISIS, when all we had to worry about were Katrinas and "crunk" rap.

Oh wait...I'll have to get back to you when I'm a few decades older :)

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Neighborhood schools, we walked everywhere unafraid.

No air conditioning we had windows and doors open to have what little breeze there was.

Went to bed at night with doors open.

Not afraid to be out after dark.

Kids played outside they knew when it was time to go home, you could hear your mom calling.

You knew everyone on your street no worries.

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The ' good old days ' when

You could leave your door unlocked at night.

When you could let your child outside and NOT be terrified.

When kids didn't need to b supervised and could go trick or treating alone.

When inflation hadn't hit and u could buy a GLASS bottle of soda for a dime. And a candy bar cost 15 cents

Green stamps

Free Samples came in the mail

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Our world was almost destroyed because of hate and

mistrust. To save life everywhere we had to construct receptacles,

to store life in. Everyone will always help with this on going process.

Now I have a problem getting information to you, I am getting older.

I have made a very close friend who is a writer who just had two of

his scripts put into the works. Before I leave I hope we can sit down

and he wants to write my story. Please understand it is not my choice

to leave. I know this has been a lot to take in, you all have had so many lies thrown at you it makes it impossible to see the truth when it is in front of you. Just know this... You are never alone. You are being protected. There is a protection grid in place around the world. Even if we lose the war our Light will never die. The grid will active. At this time nothing gets in and nothing goes out. When it is time Life will come back and reset the grid. Find the love in your hearts. Find the love in your life. Hold to life with all of your being. Its all you have left.

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How does this answer the question?
You know, never mind, I don’t wish to encourage you.
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For one thing, I would talk about the joy of kids freely playing all over the neighborhood and riding their bikes all day .... Just had to be home when the street lights came on. 

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It seems the current version is to sit in front of a screen or stand around with earbuds in. They rarely come out all...
I worry where all this is leading, Miss Janis
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Me too, Mr. Z :(

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