What's your pet peeve? Something u really hate?


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It's inevitable that my toe will find them EVEN IF I know exactly where they are! Ggggggggrowlllll!!!!!!!!

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Trudging in from a walk in the snow only to get that sudden uncomfortable feeling of a naked foot coming out of my boot when the sock gets stuck.

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unorganized things

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Loud talking on the phone in public

Pants down around knees

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People following me through a STOP sign on my stop. I want to slam on the brakes just to cause . . . Awareness?

Cars NOW needing "Lane alerts" when your car starts to move over "unexpectedly" . . Or automatic breaking for those who are otherwise . . . Engaged?

Drive the car RESPONSIBLY people . . . It is a privilege not a right.

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Amen to that! I don't understand putting control over to a computer to drive! You HAVE to know the laws and how to maneuver a vehicle in order to drive one!
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Texting while driving.

Drawers on the floor (ewww)

Overly entitled people


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Sailboats? Is there a story behind this my friend? ☺
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I’m a motorboater. Always will be. I think you’ve seen the photo of my boat before.

Blow-boats are ancient, pretentious, slow moving silent sea obstacles which literally cannot get out of their own way, much less ours. Like buoys with passengers.
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Now that you mention it... I can see that buoy picture! Lol!
I've never been on a sailboat.
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People who do not take driving seriously. For example;

*People who drive slow in the fast lane.

*People who don't use their turn signals.

*People who do everything but drive their car while behind the wheel. (I saw a lady with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, neither on the wheel. I have seen people with books and dvd players propped up on their steering wheels. Then there are those that text and drive. I could go on.)

*People who drive with their little dogs on their laps.

When I took drivers' ed, my instructor said to think about driving in the same way as walking around with a loaded gun with the safety off. In both cases, a careless mistake can cost a life.

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Good answer!
My husband's a truck driver. He said he sees more people texting while driving then there are people NOT texting and driving! In a day of work he sees an average of 3-4 accidents!
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So true!

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