social anxiety and become really weird and awkward.was not like this and it's getting very hard going through college with just 1 friend I mean what's the point of working my ass off just to continue living a miserable life with a 205 IQ nonetheless?


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Tom Jackson answered

I have some difficulty with believing your IQ is 205.

People with such IQ's don't have miserable lives unless they choose to have one.

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Toni Pauze answered

One good friend is all that's needed. Be thankful

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star gazing answered

Try talking to people online about it, or even in real life. There’s message boards and youtube videos that discuss this matter. Getting better from social anxiety is just a lot of practice and pushing yourself to do regular things again. It really gets better from there, for at least a while until you stop pushing.

Also, it’s not that bad having less friends. We expect to have too many friends sometimes when really we don’t need to depend on others to live anyways. Is there a school group chat where you can stay up to date on events?

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