Why Marijuana Should be Illegal?


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Marijuana is a Plant that comes from Asia. It’s been used for thousands of years. A cousin of marijuana, the hump was a common plant people would farm in the United States. The Drug marijuana was introduced into the U.S in 1850. Soon after laws were created to regulate its use. In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed which required all states to label its drugs with its contents.

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          Why Marijuana Should be illegal?

Background of Marijuana:

In 1960’s many white upper-class families began to use marijuana, by the 1970’s under the Richard Nixon, the controlled substance Act was put forth and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the DEA was created. Marijuana was not categorized alongside heroin and meth as a schedule 1 drug. It was and to this day continues to be defined by the U.S government as a highly addictive and unsafe drug with no accepted medical purposes.

Under the act, a team of people were put together to research the effects of marijuana. After study the director of that team, Raymon Shafer recommended the decriminalization of marijuana and stated. “The Criminal Law is too harsh, the actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law”.

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