What is Bonalu Festival?


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Ashada Jatara is a state festival way popular as ‘Bonalu’ in Telangana (Andhra-Pradesh). Traditionally, celebrated during ‘Ashada Maasa(month) from past so many years. Bonalu’ festival reflects Telangana’s rich heritage and culture with a pinch of vibrant- euphoria. Observed in almost 110 religious places and pilgrimages, this illustrious festival of South is solemnized to worship Goddess-Kali or Mahakali in her most vigorous incarnation (avatar)-Shakti-the Power. This year, it will start by Sunday, 15 July and end up by Sunday, 5 August. Read More...

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Hi. It is a
Hindu prayer which takes place each year. I have an Indian friend who
celebrates it. However, I do not know if people from other countries
participate in this festival. I really want to see how this celebration
happens. I have heard that it is very mesmerising to watch.

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