How to invite guests?


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First of all, you should know how many people you want to
invite. The methods to do so will depend on the event. For instance, if it is
for a party at your place, you can give them an invitation via a phone call, a
message or a card.

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You are planning a party. It is important to organize everything so that the organization of the party is efficient and easy. Below you will find advice on how to organize everything so that the party will be successful aguests they had a good time.

The preparation of the party usually begins with the establishment of a list of guests. The number of people needs to be adapted to the size of the apartment and the number of dishes and cutlery, taking into account the comfort of guests. Even at parties arranged in the form of a buffet table, you can not overdo them with their number and make crowds.

An important matter for the atmosphere of the meeting is the selection of guests. If possible, invite people who have sympathy, have common topics for conversation. Quite troublesome are situations in which all invited guests either do not know each other completely, or have different views and intolerant attitudes, or differ in the way they behave. Different generations also do not always match. So you have to think about whether all the guests will feel good in a shared company.

The dates of the meeting are usually set by the hosts, but there are situations in which it is agreed with the invited people. Name-day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings are occasions whose dates do not adapt to the guests' abilities, as opposed to various friendly meetings and meetings at which certain matters are dealt with.

Guests should be invited at least a few days before the party. Only among the closest friends it is permissible to invite the so-called a small party at the last minute, if the idea of ​​the meeting was born suddenly. Then, however, you have to reckon with the fact that not everyone will come.

In very official or rare contacts and solemn occasions, it is advisable to invite guests at least ten days in advance, or even earlier, if the invited person has a lot of classes and needs to organize time for that purpose. The same applies to guests coming from distant places, which should be invited a month earlier.

You can invite by phone, in person and in writing. This last form of application is on the occasion of great celebrations, for example, weddings. The invitation must specify the date, time of the meeting and the occasion of the party. Written invitations for marriages should be addressed to both spouses, also in the address on the envelope.

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