Is today your day? It is December 23 National Pfeffernusse Day, National Roots Day and Festivus.


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Pfeffernusse is a spice cookie, I'm in.

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Willie B. good answered

I'm in, I have a great Pfeffernusse recipe. :)

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I’ll be under the tree today.

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No, I can't find anything to entice me in that list .... Although I'm not sure what kind of "roots" they're celebrating.

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Ancient One
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"National Roots Day encourages us to look into our heritage, families, family history, and ancestry. Collecting information about family roots is made easier when families are gathered together during the holiday season. "
Janis Haskell
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Thanks AO! I have done lots of work on my family tree. My 10th great grandfather, Richard Warren, was a Pilgrim on the Mayflower. :)
Ancient One
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Wow, your roots run deep........
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Yes i like spice cookies so I'm in for the  Pfeffernusse  cookie .

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