Is today your day? It is April 26th National Audubon Day, National Dissertation Day, National Richter Scale Day, National Kids and Pets Day, National Pretzel Day, National Help a Horse Day, Cont'd in Cmts.


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list cont'd.......National South Dakota Day, National Arbor Day, and National Hairball Awareness Day.

I'm in.

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Oh I’m in.

South Dakota is beautiful!! Loved going through Custer State Park. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monuments. Black Hills National Forest. Black Hills Gold. The Badlands. In Deadwood SD, Kevin Costner has a restaurant called the Midnight Star. In Mitchell SD, The Corn Palace, every year a new theme is done in corn.  In Wall SD, is Wall Drug Store, it takes up a whole city block.  Started out as a small store giving away free water to people in the wagon trains going west. It’s awesome! I’ll stop

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I’m in. National pets day and pretzels. I’ve never been to South Dakota but I like everything Tiger says about it!

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It's definitely my day!  I love trees and horses, can't resist a good pretzel, and worked with seismologists at the university for many years (one actually worked in Dr. Richter's former office).

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This day sounds good to me it's National Pretzel Day , National Pets Day , National Richter Scale Day . Yes we want to remember National Horse Day to help a horse in need. So count me in this is my day :) :)

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