Is today your day? It is May 8th National Coconut Cream Pie Day, National Have A Coke Day, National Student Nurse Day, National Receptionists’ Day, National Third Shift Workers Day, National School Nurse Day,, and National Bike To School Day.


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Ancient One answered

All good I'm in especially the Third Shift Workers Day. After six years on that shift I felt like I was on another planet.

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Yin And Yang answered

I am with Ancient One and celebrating the third shift workers. They have one heck of a schedule to keep.

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Mountain Man answered

It's a fine day all around. I'm in.

I'll have a coke with my slice of coconut cream pie please.

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Darren Wolfgang
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Mary Ann would always make Gilligan a Coconut Cream Pie but it often makes you wonder how she get all the ingredients to make the pie plus she needed a oven to bake it in how she do all of this ? LOL
Mountain  Man
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LOL. She always managed somehow.
Darren Wolfgang
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Yes so true LOL
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Yes this sounds like a great day . I like Coconut Cream Pie and I'm big drinker of Coca Cola ( Coke) . I want honor our student nurses in all they do to become a full time Registered Nurse. This day sounds good to me so count me in . Thank you for your Question of the Day :) :)

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