Is today your day? It is June 11 National Making Life Beautiful Day, National Corn on the Cob Day, National German Chocolate Cake Day, and Call Your Doctor Day.


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Life is beautiful every day if we let it be so. Who decided we needed to single out one day?

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Yin And Yang
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Don't make since huh? It's like trying to see tomorrow as beautiful then saying "Oh wait yesterday was the day to see today beautiful. All well there's always next year." 😅
Call me Z
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How aren’t other days designated “Make Life Beautiful Day? Do we really need reminding?
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Mountain Man answered

It's an all around great day. I'm in.

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PJ Stein answered

Sounds good to me!  I am in.

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Yin And Yang answered

I'm gonna be a fuddy duddy. I'm out today. Sorry.

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Willie B. good answered

I would love a couple of ears of sweet corn on the cob right about now and then a big glass of milk to wash down the chocolate cake I would stuff myself with. :)

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