Is today your day? It is June 25 National Strawberry Parfait Day, National Catfish Day, and National Leon Day.


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Ancient One answered

I'm in, sort of. I like Strawberry Parfait but catfish not so much. Now "Leon Day" is special for all crafters

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Mountain Man answered

I'm in for all of it.

I didn't know about Leon Day but it would be a good time to get started on some things.

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Toni Pauze answered

I love strawberries

Catfish oh my yes!!! Please have hush puppies too.

Don’t know about Leon Day! Will have to check that out.

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Ancient One
Ancient One commented
Leon is Noel spelled backwards. Crafters use this day to begin gathering items needed and making crafts / gifts for Christmas.
Toni Pauze
Toni Pauze commented
Well ok I’m in on Leon Day. Already started Christmas shopping.
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I'm in for the strawberry parfait and the catfish.  This is the first I've heard about Leon Day; but I realize crafting takes time, and I always enjoy it when someone gives me a handmade gift!

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Willie B. good answered

I think I'll sit this one out.

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