Is today your day? It is August 9 National Rice Pudding Day, National Veep Day, and Book Lovers Day.


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I'm in for the rice pudding and books.

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Skip Gentry answered

Count me in for the rice pudding and reading books. I don’t know what Veep day means.

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Ancient One
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It is all about vice presidents. Especially those who took office without being elected (results of assassinations, resignations and impeachments).
Skip  Gentry
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Thank you. A.O.
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I'm in for book lovers and rice pudding.

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I'm a fan of rice pudding, and I definitely love to read.  I'm in!

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Well, I would have been in just for the books! I love
reading and I enjoy mostly all genres. Ever since I was a child, I was curious
to find out what would happen in the text. When I started reading a novel, I
would hardly keep it down. However, rice puddings are also nice. So I am in for
these two.

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I’m in for books.  Never without one.

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Yes I'm in it for Rice Pudding and i would like to read books on WWE Wrestlers is my favorite . Thank you for Question of the Day:) :)

Today is a day i can't forget August 9 1998 my Maternal Grandma passed away at age 85 . On August 9 2019 my Cousin Christine turns age 52 and we are exactly 6 months apart in age on Feb 9 2020 i will be age 52 .  🙏😇


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