Is today your day? It is October 5 National Get Funky Day, National Rhode Island Day, National Do Something Nice Day, and National Apple Betty Day


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I can get funky anytime, it is a good day all around.

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PJ Stein answered

I have never had Apple Betty, but after looking it up, I may try to make it. And if I do, it will be my do something nice thing, as I will take it over to my brother's later.

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Skip Gentry answered

Count me in.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

My day started out bad , I logged on to my Laptop with all my saved passwords on Chrome browser to be completely deleted . So i had to deleted Chrome Browser and download it again . In mean while i couldn't log onto Blurtit . But i am okay now , i believe someone tried hacking my computers passwords not too sure. I'm in for this day . Thank you for Question of the Day :)😇🙏

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Ancient One
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You are welcome. I feel for you. Four years ago I was a victim of ransomware. They wanted four grand to unlock my computer. Other than old photos there wasn't anything on my computer of value. I had invested in a remote controlled wireless backup system that backed everything up to an external drive each day.
Darren Wolfgang
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Yes Ancient One . I can't figure out why i logged on and my logins to Blurtit and other sites was no where to be found the only thing that fixed it was i deleted Chrome and download it again i got Avg Security and i have a password lock on my Chrome browser so don't know what happened but it sure looked like someone was attempting to hack me and I'm sorry to hear about your incident . You wonder what people get out of doing things to people it just makes no sense ?

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