Is today your day? It is November 7 National Cash Back Day, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day, and National Men Make Dinner Day (NO BAR-B-Q).


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Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

I’m all for this day. If only my husband could cook.  I’m in.

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Ancient One
Ancient One commented
If he can follow your car's owner's manual he can cook. Perhaps not well in the beginning but with practice you will be amazed.
Toni Pauze
Toni Pauze commented
I’ll tell him that. I know if he had to he would get by.
Skip  Gentry Profile
Skip Gentry answered

Count me in today. I was born xx years ago today.  😊

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

I'm in for all of it!  Great day!

Darren Wolfgang Profile
Darren Wolfgang answered

This sounds like a great day so count me in . Thank you for question of the day :) :) 😇🙏👍

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