Why Do People Rebel?


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I believe people rebel because they feel trapped, controlled, or they just want independence. You know for people to leave them alone so they can learn on their own. It may be harder but to be independent is important for a persons self-esteem.
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People rebel when people try to make them do something they do not want to do or disagree with
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People rebel for many reasons. The Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution were rebellions against tyranny. The young always rebel against their elders, because they think they know better, and their elders may lose touch with the current times. I was once labelled rebellious because I refused to be pushed around. I also rebel against what I perceive as every day injustices. You could say people rebel when they refuse to go along with the status quo. New ideas are frequently labelled as rebellious.
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Since time immemorial, the generation gap has always existed all over the world. While the older generation, which is experienced and wise, always advises the younger generation about the do's and don'ts and lays down a code of conduct for them to follow, the rebellious youth, who are filled with hopes, desires, ambitions and aspirations, are quick to point out that the elders constantly interfere into their affairs and are always nagging at them. The older generation often compares the younger generation of the present day with the youth of the time when they themselves were young.

It is easy to put the blame of the media for having a negative influence on the minds of the impressionable minds of the youngsters. However, it is true to a certain extent that the music they listen to, the computer games they play, the films, television shows and advertisements they watch and the books and magazines they read do encourage the youth to rebel against the authoritarian elders.
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When their government starts to overtax them for their property or income.
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People rebel because they want to do what they want to do, not what others want to do.. I always do what I want to do. Screw the authority figures!
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The answer you will get is universal in the u.s.a. Most any place in the world that has an uprising we go there to (help) but we leave patriots in coffins who have tryed to help the rebels,then they turn on us like rabid dogs.

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