What Are The Two Types Of Utilitarianism?


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There are two kinds of Utilitarianism; Act and Rule. Act Utilitarianism has no prior moral rules. It means that individual situations require a separate action. For instance, the courts who gave the go-ahead in 2003 to allow the Hashmi family to have a designer baby created for them to provide their son with a life saving transplant, believe that the action will create happiness among the family and friends whilst also creating another human being with its own individual rights. On the other hand, another high court may dismiss a similar case, because they believe that it would not provide happiness.

Rule Utilitarianism concludes that laws are made to promote the greatest happiness and pleasure for the greatest number. In other words, a law should be made in favour or against relaxing the laws on human cloning, depending on whether people believe that the final decision will create happiness among the greatest number involved.

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