Describe The Stages Of Law-making By Parliament In Ghana?


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Describe the stages of law-making by parliament in Ghana?
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The stages of lawmaking in the Ghana Parliment is found within the Ghana Constitution found at the following website.
in Chapter Ten
A minumum of 140 elected members in Parliment, all must be at least 21 and a citizen. A Quorum (1/3) must be preent for a vote on a bill. All members must sit on 1 of the committees and only bills debated within a committee can be presented to Parliment for debate and vote. The President of Parliment has a right to assent to a bill presented to him for acceptance as law. He can refuse to assent and within 14 days present the bill for additional debate to Parliment.

Parliment meets once a year, however fifteen members can request the President to call the Parliment to gather at other times.

Defamatory remarks require a written apology to the full Parliment.

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